What is the DOM?

The webpage is simply a document. The DOM (Document Object Model) represents that documents in objects and nodes.

The DOM is a tree-like data structure that comes into existence once an HTML document has been parsed by the browser.

It is a programming interface for HTML and XML documents.

The browser paints the DOM to the screen and will repaint it in response to user actions (e.g. mouse clicks) and updates via its API from your Javascript scripts

When we use Javascript to make a change to our page or in other words when…

What is state management?

It is data or information that changes or manipulates throughout the running time of a program. The “status” of a program at a time is a brief description of all the data that the program is currently waiting for or analyzing to proceed to the next step of its implementation.

Each component, module, etc. have its own state. The state can be managed at the component level as we do usually without having complex state management methods. …

Isuru Sapumal

Developer , Entrepreneur and Speaker with a demonstrated history of working in the information technology , services industry , financial industry and Media.

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